Hi, I am Clarence.

I am an average guy with an eye for capturing moments in photography. I work with my wife, Neasel, under the brand Beyond The Happy. Life is full of moments that we want to treasure beyond the here and now. Our desire is to be there for you when you reach a milestone in your life, the start of a new business, the celebration of graduation, or sweet 16, maybe you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your singleness or marriage. There is something truly empowering when a client embraces a newfound love of their bodies during a photography session, shedding the insecurities that might have weighed them down and find freedom. We want to be there to cheer you on with images that reflect the joy and pride that comes with life Beyond the Happily Ever After.



“My heart is so full and my eyes are filled with tears. I knew that you all were doing an amazing job with directing and conducting the photoshoot, but the results blew me away. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. This was truly a blessing to me and I know it will help so many ladies that are self-conscious about their bodies.”


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